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Cross-Border Assistant

Updated: Mar 13

1、Trade Navigator

Suitable for: Foreign Trade Information

Platform: GPTs

Model: GPT-3.5

Brief: Assists Chinese foreign trade suppliers in obtaining the latest foreign trade news.

2、Dropship Advisor

Suitable for: Dropshipping

Platform: GPTs

Model: GPT-4

Brief: Dropship consultants provide clients with knowledge related to Dropshipping, subtly embedding the Doba brand in the process to enhance brand exposure.

Portal: (GPTs require a ChatGPT-plus account)



Suitable for: Operations - Review

Platform: POE

Model: GPT-3.5

Brief: Provide a product, and the application will advise users on the suitable background, style, and decorations for e-commerce images of the product, offering keywords ideal for generating images from text.

Portal:  (Access to POE platform requires a proxy)



Suitable for: Cross-Border

Platform: GPTs

Model: GPT-4

Brief: Summaries of e-commerce news from the Philippines. Helps users understand market dynamics in the target region.

Portal:  (GPTs require a ChatGPT-plus account)

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