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Sourcing Pilot User Guide

What is Sourcing Pilot ?

Sourcing Pilot is a conversational AI sourcing assistant that uses a large AI language model (we use ChatGPT) as its base, integrating real-time search results from Google and Bing, and connecting data from platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, and Made-in-China.

How do I start?

Our product is available through Discord, and you need to have a Discord account. Then, join the E-Procure AI Server using our invitation code. (Get Invitation Code)

Public Chat

After joining the server, you can try interacting with @E-ProcureAI Assistant in the Playground channel. You can also browse through the history of messages to explore more BOT use cases and tips through the questions asked by other users.

Public Chat Pic

Private Chat

If you don't want others to see your chat, you can directly select @E-ProcureAI Assistant from the user list on the right side of the server for a private chat.

Private Chat Pic

What tasks can Sourcing Pilot do?

▶ Market Research and Analysis

Today's news in the Southeast Asian e-commerce industry
Analyze the global supply chain distribution of the electric vehicle industry
The main supplying and consuming regions for coffee beans

▶ Finding Suppliers

Global Top 10 suppliers of photovoltaic panels
Local food packaging machine suppliers in Europe
Wheat suppliers in Vietnam

▶ Seeking Business Opportunities

Amazon's Best-selling Kitchen Items in 2024
Suitable Product Types for Starting a Retail Business in Australia
Analysis of Business Opportunities for Crystal Jewelry in the Middle East Region

Easter Egg: Sourcing Pilot can also help you generate images related to products and the supply chain.

Do you have a free version?

Of course, click here to immediately try the free version (with limited functionality and without e-commerce platform data).

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