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Tariff Calculator

Updated: Mar 13


Your smart tariff calculator bot! 📊 Navigate customs duties with ease for efficient global trade. 🌐💼 Accurate, fast, and user-friendly, it simplifies your import/export process. Start trading smarter today! 📈🛃


Welcome to TradeTally 🤖, your smart tariff bot! Effortless customs calculations for global trade. 🌍💡 Accurate, quick, and easy. Start trading smart! 🚀📈

🔔 To ensure accurate tariff calculations, please provide the following essential information for TradeTally🤖:

1. Product Name 📦

2. Country of Origin 🌍

3. Destination Country 📍

4. Dutiable Value 💲

Let's make your trading experience smooth and efficient! 🚀📈


1、Departing from Japan to the United States, the product is a woolen jacket for children aged 3-10 years old, $5,000

2、China to Japan,Lipstick in a tube,$3000

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