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AI For Global Sourcing 

We focus on using zero-code AI platforms like GPTs to create mini-applications related to cross-border procurement and sourcing, exploring the maximum potential of the next generation of AI

Use Our AI Bots

Experience our AI applications in the following ways


Best Performance

But it requires an OpenAI Plus membership



Easiest to Use

Provided by Quora, free to use


Most flexible

You can join our channel or copy the BOT link to add it to your own server for use


Looking for a supply chain

  • Industry Distribution: Recommend the main supply locations and countries based on global trade data and the distribution of industrial chains upstream and downstream.

  • Local Production: Recommend nearby reliable local suppliers based on your purchasing needs.

  • Industry Leaders: Recommend top suppliers in each industry, suitable for those with high-quality procurement requirements.

sourcingmaven chat demo

Seeking new business opportunities


trendygenie chat demo
  • Find New Markets: Assess the business opportunities for your existing products in new target markets.

  • Find New Products: Identify new product opportunities based on online retail data from Amazon, Shopify, etc.

  • Find Inspiration: Utilize the randomness and creativity of AI to randomly recommend products, sparking inspiration for your product development.


Cross-border Procurement Support

  • Development of International Logistics and Transportation Plans

  • Estimation of Tariffs and First-Leg Costs

  • Real-time Exchange Rate Inquiry

tradetally chat demo

Our Vision

  • Focused on international sourcing and procurement services.

  • Exploring the potential of AI in cross-border procurement.

  • Aiming to serve a multicultural clientele as much as possible.

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