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The following AI Bots are built using ChatGPT. We chose GPTs because OpenAI's GPT-4 Vision model remains the best performing model among the many platforms we've evaluated. Of course, using the following Bots requires you to have a ChatGPT Plus membership. If you don't have one, we recommend using our BOTs on POE or Discord (their commands are the same).

E-Procure Official


Business etiquette and communication expert


International trade knowledge learning


Analyze and compare vendor performance


Craft and optimize professional business emails for trade scenarios


Real-time exchange rate


International logistics solutions


Streamlines the RFQ process, guiding RFQ writing


Tariff calculator


Company background check


Unit switch

Market Insight

Industry report


Analyzes user Intentions and market trends base on amazon data

E-Procure Selected

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How to build a profitable software business with no full-time employees

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Creates brief, potent LinkedIn posts.

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I compile lead lists for sales prospecting.

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I generate code for and fix issues in B2B SaaS web apps.

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Need B2B GTM ideas, campaigns, and data sources? You've come to the right place! Created By:

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El primer Chat GPT creado para vendedores y entrenado con las principales herramientas en Social Selling y Digital Selling

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The Only B2B Tech Sales Guide You Will Ever Need

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Funnel Strategy, Creation, and Scaling Expert. Trained by Zillas.

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Expert assistant LinkedIn Sales Navigator, offering strategic advice and creative techniques.

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For B2B Sales: This chatbot will help you search through 15M jobs to find the companies that need you now and what to say to them.

example pics for empty data your unique B2B email finder and verifier, provides a distinctive lead database for effortless and effective outreach scaling.

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A powerful free sales lead generation tool. Hone your lead gen strategy, improve demand generation, and gain new B2B leads.

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